Financial Management

Many small businesses have benefitted from our financial management services — particularly in terms of maximizing company cash flow, developing useful financial reporting, and using the data to make better business decisions.

Business Growth Resources has substantial expertise in this area. We provide our clients guidance and a variety of services to tackle these needs including:

Financial Management Tools and Analytics:

  • Preparing budgets, forecasts and multi-year projections
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Choosing appropriate metrics, benchmarks, or key performance indicators
  • Best practices for cash flow management

Obtaining and Maintaining Bank Financing:

  • Determining short term and long term funding needs and options
  • Preparing a loan request and information package for banks
  • Negotiating loan terms and documentation
  • Ongoing relationship management

Exploring Longer Term and Alternative Funding Options:

  • Subordinated debt
  • Seller-paper (in acquisitions)
  • Equity and equity-like structures

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