Our Clients

Our clients are owners, partners, presidents and CEOs of privately held and family-owned businesses, most of which are headquartered in New Jersey.

Our client base is diverse, comprised of:

  • A wide variety of industries
  • Single owners, partnerships and family businesses
  • Manufacturing, distribution, professional and business services
  • Companies with annual sales from $1MM to $100MM, selling locally, domestically or internationally

But, they share common business fundamentals:

  • Established businesses with growth potential
  • A need to attract and retain talented employees and managers who are looking to grow with the business
  • Operating in industries with a positive long term outlook
  • A product/service set that is relevant and responsive to today’s economy … or can get there

And, they are owned or lead by decision makers who share common traits:

  • A passion for taking their company to the next level
  • The vision to understand what that next level could be
  • The wisdom to seek out feedback, advice and expertise to get them there

Please contact us to discuss your company’s specific nature and needs, and the ways we might work together to advance the success of your business.